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There's nothing I love more than a good book, the more angst the better for me. I received my first e-reader a little over two years ago and since then my reading habit increased 100x. The 1-click buy now option is now my dealer and I'm addicted. I read anywhere between 400-500 books a year of all genres but mostly the books that I read fall into the romance/erotica category. Until recently I avoided leaving written reviews for the books that I've read but recently I made the decision to try to review what I can. All reviews that I write are based solely on my own opinion. I am not swayed by other reviews or opinions and I could care less if my review is the only good or bad review left for a book. I'm honest to a fault when it comes to that. My reviews may not be popular but they are mine :)

Moon (New Species, #10)

Moon (New Species, #10) - Laurann Dohner I liked Moon. Moon was the typical New Species male, he was he was sweet, and protective like the others, but I think that it is time for something new from this author.Moon is the tenth book from this series, and while I understand the popularity, It's getting too repetitive. All of the books from this series are starting to blend together because all the stories are pretty much the same. I don't think that I will read future books from this series unless LD does something to shake things up a bit.