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There's nothing I love more than a good book, the more angst the better for me. I received my first e-reader a little over two years ago and since then my reading habit increased 100x. The 1-click buy now option is now my dealer and I'm addicted. I read anywhere between 400-500 books a year of all genres but mostly the books that I read fall into the romance/erotica category. Until recently I avoided leaving written reviews for the books that I've read but recently I made the decision to try to review what I can. All reviews that I write are based solely on my own opinion. I am not swayed by other reviews or opinions and I could care less if my review is the only good or bad review left for a book. I'm honest to a fault when it comes to that. My reviews may not be popular but they are mine :)

Playing Patience

Playing Patience - Tabatha Vargo I was hooked by Zeke for the first 3/4 of this book but then the story became rushed. My heart broke for both Zeke and Patience for what they've had to endure in their lives. I thought that the author did a good job articulating the emotions that they characters felt and that was refreshing.So many of the books that I've read lately have portrayed characters who have suffered from physical, and or sexual abuse as complete doormats who are broken beyond repair. I didn't get that sense with this book which was a relief as far as I'm concerned.