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There's nothing I love more than a good book, the more angst the better for me. I received my first e-reader a little over two years ago and since then my reading habit increased 100x. The 1-click buy now option is now my dealer and I'm addicted. I read anywhere between 400-500 books a year of all genres but mostly the books that I read fall into the romance/erotica category. Until recently I avoided leaving written reviews for the books that I've read but recently I made the decision to try to review what I can. All reviews that I write are based solely on my own opinion. I am not swayed by other reviews or opinions and I could care less if my review is the only good or bad review left for a book. I'm honest to a fault when it comes to that. My reviews may not be popular but they are mine :)


Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) - M. Pierce





****This review will undoubtedly contain spoilers :)Read at your own risk.****

The first impression that I got from the hero who stars in this story was that he was a complete tool. His character was all over the place and I had no clue where the author was going with him. At first. Then comes the hero's first sexual interaction with the heroine and it became clear where this author was going. Yes, he/she is going there. The book is lacking character development. I don't mind D/s BDSM romance or erotica, I've read tons of it. There's no set up for that type of relationship between the hero and heroine in this book. Lines are not drawn, and no boundaries set, it's just suddenly there and the reader is supposed to believe it.

Break out the book "D/s BDSM books for Dummies". Let's take the Safe, Sane, and Consensual out of the equation people. Let's continue with trope after trope, and sprinkle with clichés. Rich, broody hero, who is both hot, and demanding. Check. Down on her luck heroine who has an insatiable sexual appetite. Check. Not long into the book I had begun to question the hero's sanity because he was a little off in my opinion. He enjoyed humiliating the heroine by calling her names such as greedy s*ut. She enjoys being debased, so who am I to judge? The reason it bothered me was because the hero often questions himself as to why he enjoys humiliating her the way he does.

"That's nice baby, I like that noise. I like those embarrassing noises. You yowl like a cat when I fuck you hard, and you whine and beg like a dog. This might be my favorite, though. You're grunting like a pig. Does that mean you like this?" I shoved my finger in another centimeter. Hannah shuddered. "Where's my noise? Come on baby, start grunting. If you don't make this good for me I won't fuck you."

Collar, nipple clamps, gag, and domestic discipline are quickly introduced with no prior warning or lead up. I was thinking that this was a first for this H, and since I had already begun to question his sanity, I quickly began to question the heroines safety as well. We do later find out that he has participated in these kind of activities with previous partner's before, but not to what extent. Meanwhile, God/god is mentioned so often in this book that I was certain he was going to appear as a character in the book. Normally this is not something I notice, but it was there over 200 times.

Through all of this the hero has been keeping secrets from the heroine. First he has a live in girlfriend that he failed to mention, and he has also been hiding the fact that he is a best selling author. Her favorite author. He has lied and schemed to keep these secrets from her. Now that he is falling in love, the guilt begins to tear him apart. This is when we finally get some depth in the story.

Every thing comes down on this hero at once. He finally does the right thing and breaks up with the girlfriend, but she gets even by outing him to the world as best selling author M. Pierce. No longer safe with his anonymity the heroine finds out about the girlfriend, and who he is. She leaves him. He falls apart. His devastation was absolute and heartbreaking to read. I didn't care for him during the first half of the book due to what's mentioned above, but now my heart hurt reading his breakdown. The rest of the book is spent with the heroine dealing with his mental health and trying to salvage their relationship. There is a sex scene just before the end that disturbed the hell out of me, pretty much ruining the second half of the book. The hero is still mentally unstable at this time when he subjects the heroine to a beating from his belt out of the blue. At the beginning of the whipping he's being pretty manic and she is scared. He goes on to tell her that she is soaking wet and loving the pain and she admits to liking it. By then it was just too much and too brutal.

The book ends with a HFN, but I still have no idea why he is the way that he is. No diagnosis was given about his mental health and none of the questions I had were answered in the end.

Then we have the Epilogue.......

A certain scene from a movie crossed my mind after reading that epilogue. You may know which one I'm referring to but just in case.... Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Lois Einhorn is Ray Finkle, Ray Finkle is Lois Einhorn! 





Refuge (Book One) - N. G. Osborne


I am not going to give this book a star rating due to the fact that I had to dnf it at 50%.


OMG! I cannot STAND this heroine! There is nothing I hate more than a self righteous heroine. I find her even more disgusting since compared to 98% of the other females who live in refugee camps, she has had it EASY! She has made it to adulthood retaining her virtue (as far as I know), she has a job, she has HOPE for her future. While so many other's just exist! The fact that she is aware of her "righteous indignation" does not make her character tolerable in the least bit.


Charlie is a good man who deserves someone who has the ability to actually care for someone other than herself. It is his wonderful friendship with his driver that had made the first half worth reading.


The writing itself was decent despite the fact that even at the halfway point I still had no clue what Charlie looked like. He was tall, slim, and he had a 3 inch scar on his cheek was about all I knew.


The Reckoning - Alma Katsu

Insane character development mixed in with fantastic world building made reading this series a delight. The final book in the trilogy is coming out in early January 2014.

Unrequited love

And pretty much every other emotion you can think of is weaved into this dark and twisted tale. Immortal beings created by dark magic that can only be released by the one who created them. This is not a pretty tale full of sparkly vampires with a conscious. Not for the feint of heart. This series is violent and for adults only.

Sweet baby Jesus!

First Strike - Pamela Clare

Holy hotness! First Strike was the best 99¢ I've ever spent! Striking Distance is going to be hardcore angst that I will need to mentally prepare myself for :x

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

Back on January 25th 2013 I came across a book called Sins & Needles. My first thought was that the title and cover was pretty bad ass, so I purchased it right away, and then I dove right in. I loved what I read about a bad ass Ellie, the anti-H Javier, and the mysterious Camden. It was fresh, it was new, and I was in love. My love for these damaged character's continued to grow with the next 2 books released.


Giving Bold Tricks a 3 star rating is breaking my heart into little tiny pieces. Karina Halle has written such an awesome series so that is why I was so disappointed after finishing Bold Tricks.


And no my disappointment has nothing to do with the fact that my dream of a ménage between these three never happened! The love triangle between these three has been intense and heartbreaking at times, so the fact that it was resolved so quickly seemed odd. The character's personalities seemed to have undergone transplants at the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. We went from action, suspense, a hot love triangle, to fluff-n-stuff. The story suddenly got a little cheesy and romantic, which totally caught me off guard.


We do get closure in the end so that's good. I was just hoping for a little more of the gritty character's whom I've come to love.


Karina Halle is still a favorite of mine and I can't wait for her next release :)

This is MY review and I'm sticking to it!

The Missionary - Jack Wilder

Here is my review for The Missionary as posted on Amazon. Keep in mind that this book has a total of 32 reviews, 29 of those reviews are 5 star ratings, 2 are 4 star ratings, then there is my lonely 2 star rating. 10 of those 5 star reviews have popped up since my review posted yesterday less than 24 hours ago. I am the first to admit that there have been many occasions where I have not liked a book that many other's have seemed to love, so read into that what you will. This particular review is MY opinion and I really don't give a flying fuck if it's not popular with other's.


2 Star rating means that the book was ok in my opinion. I think that the author did a good thing by shedding light on such a tough subject so I commend him for that.

The issues that affected my overall reading experience mainly had to do with the writing style of the author. The pacing of the book made things difficult to comprehend. I had no idea how much time had elapsed between the moment that the h was abducted until somewhere after the 70% mark. Contrived drama was another issue that pulled me out of the story. Too much tell not enough show was another one.


Not as Good as I'd Hoped

Double Full - Kindle Alexander

I love a good M/M read, and I had high hopes for Double Full, but in the end it fell flat.  I enjoyed the MC's, but their relationship seemed forced in my opinion. I was expecting conflict for these character's, and the conflict was there, but all the issues that they had going on were resolved fairly quickly. 


The pov of a third character showed up unexpectedly 3/4's of the way into the book. The unexpected pov was a thrown in as a set up for the next book in what will be a series apparently. The addition is something that annoys me; especially when it's done to draw the story out for future books.


The story ended with a HFN, but it's open to interpretation due to a mystery being left unsolved.  Editing issues were also noted.

Psychological Thriller

Nightfall - Anne Stuart

Netgalley read.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Nightfall. With all the books that I read these days they tend to merge together in my memory because many of them are so much alike. Boy meets girl. Due to some childhood trauma girl runs from boy. Misunderstandings galore break the two apart. In one page all the garbage that took the first 200 pages to pile up gets cleared away and it's sunny again. HEA.


Here we have a book with actual adults as MC's. Yes, you heard right. This book is not for the feint of heart. There is no romance to be found in it's pages. This book is dark and a bit shocking if your green. I do admit that I had things figured out fairly quickly but the author did a good job with making me question my crime solving skills at times. As always with this type of genre there are times where you will want to pinch yourself after the MC does something stupid or one of your pet peeves has made an appearance suddenly. But that's ok because this is a thriller and there's nothing going on that's going to make you wish you were in the heroines shoes. Mostly ;)


I liked it and would recommend to other readers who enjoy this genre.


Nightfall - Anne Stuart

This book is a total mind fuck taking place in crazy town!




My eyes are rolling

Burn  - C.D. Reiss

2 1/2 stars for the series as a whole.


I don't even know where to start with this review to be honest. I thought for sure that my rant was going to be induced by the non-H, Tony. Surprisingly enough Tony didn't bother me half as much as Claire did and that's saying quite a bit. The first half of this book felt like a long ass episode of deja vu. Haven't I already read this shit before? Who the fuck knows. Here we have an attack of exclamation points. Exclamation points are everywhere; silently sneaking around corners ready to jump out at me when I least expect it!       !!    ! Quit fucking yelling at me!





We know Tony has chocolate orbs already so there's no need to go over that fact after the first 20 times. I get it, Tony loves Clair's "smart mouth" her smart mouth can be put to better use doing something else :o


Overall this book was a waste of my precious time. It was predictable and not worth the hype.





Burn  - C.D. Reiss

Finally it's over. Full review coming later today.

Taking one for the team yo!

Burn  - C.D. Reiss

I told myself that I wasn't going to go down this road, but for the sake of fairness it's my opinion that if I've read all three books in the series then I can say whatever I want about the non-H and weak ass heroine. That's right! The misogynistic Tony is going down.




Why, yes he certainly does.


About half way through so far.......




(REBLOG) Castle Can't (Get it????)

Reblogged from Drea's Book Fetish:
The Secret of Castle Cant - K.P. Bath

Cross-posted on Soapboxing.net

Look, I know everyone is sick of talking about the new moratorium on writing book reviews about "author behavior" here on Goodreads - dudes, that was so last week - but I'm not. I'm still pissed as hell. 

Last week I compiled a database the book reviews Goodreads deleted from 13 of the 21 people affected by the "policy change". (And in your link-whoring department, full analysis of the deletions here.) Two of the users had reviews from this book deleted. Here is a screencap of one of the deleted reviews, because while Goodreads can delete something, Google cache is forever:

This book was written by a convicted pedophile. 'nuf said.

K.P. Bath was convicted of owning child pornography and sentenced to 6 years in prison. And it is 'nuf said. This children's book was written by a pedophile. Please tell me how this "author behavior" doesn't have a direct bearing on the content. 

I'm not going to link to the dozens of reviews that note this fact and nothing else, but they are still up on Goodreads. You know why? Because this policy about author behavior is complete bollocks. This "policy change" was a witch hunt, pure and simple. 21 people had their reviews deleted because the management at Goodreads didn't like them personally.

21 people. 

I aim for 22. 


Worth the Fight - Vi Keeland

Ok, so I'm not going to deny the fact that I bought this book because of the hottie on the cover. I'm shallow like that ;)


It was decent for a NA book. Decent meaning that I finished it without throwing myself from the nearest tall building nor did I pull all of my hair out.


I liked the H because even though he was a bit OTT he wasn't a douche about it. The characters were adults who acted like adults most of the time. The characters didn't spend 3/4th's of the book denying their feelings for each other while running around fucking up all day and night. Easy breezy kind of read.



Stand alone

No cliff jumper


Warning!!!!!! ****Spoilers**** Warning!!!!!! ****Spoilers****

Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas

This is one of those times where I'll happily stay in the "I'm in the minority corner" all by myself! I just can't see the same thing as other's see in this book. I thought that I must have missed something big, so I went back looking over the facts, and I still came up confused.


Now, the majority of the reviews I write are pretty basic, and generally spoiler free. This review will include spoilers and since I have no clue how to make spoiler tags or what ever they're called this is all the warning your going to get.





I have just come across the worst ending that I've read in a book since the fuckery of (shall not be named)!




I can deal with the constant changing timeline. I can even deal with a having a liar for a narrator. Frequent inconsistencies within a group of spoiled rich teens are to be expected in situations like this. What was unexpected was the lazy ass ending.


What is a lazy ending? A lazy ending occurs when you realize that you have just read 400+ pages of verbal diarrhea. Nothing makes any sense anymore once you have read the last couple of pages.


Don't get me wrong! I was not surprised when it was revealed who'd done it. I figured things were probably going to go down like that. I got the why, the who, and the where, but not the how. Not how she was killed, because we know that from the get go, but how the killer did it.


Despite all of time spent going over timeframes, alibi's, and all of the who, what, why, and where's, we still don't know exactly what happened in that room between Anna and Ellie. I wanted in on that confrontation! Just how did Anna pull it off on the sly? I get that she ripped the necklace off Ellie after she killed her, but for her to have spent all that time in jail, and on trial, in another country none the less, how in the world does she still possess the necklace with Ellie's blood on it three years after the trial ended. Was she wearing it in jail? No. Did she get the chance sometime to get someone to hold the bloody necklace for safekeeping while she was away? I suppose it's possible that Anna could have gotten someone to do that, but hat would have insinuated a certain level of awareness for her part in the crime.


Yes, this story is full of twists and turns, but if you have ever seen coverage of the Natalie Holloway non-investigation, heard of the Amanda Knox trial, seen Mean Girls, or even took the title of the book as a clue, or if your like me and you tend to notice everything, then you already know what to expect from this one.


Unforgiven - Elizabeth Finn

Whenever I choose to review a book a lot of thought goes into the process. What do I say? How do I say how I feel without completely fucking up the experience for others wishing to read the same book? Well my friends that is where gif's come into play. I have never used a gif before, but that's ok. No time like the present.


This book had me wanting to kill an H. I wanted to kill this H as much as I wanted my next breath. I often found myself daydreaming about what I would do if I could somehow jump into my Kindle and confront the jackass as if he were real. What would I say?




Oh, I hated this H with a passion! I hated the heroine for allowing him to treat her the way that he did. I hated myself for feeling anything about anyone in this book. I wanted my normal "I don't give a fuck attitude" back!




Unfortunately I didn't get anything I wanted in the end. I just read a book that had the ability to kill me but I survived the emotional beat down in one piece.


This book was an emotional rollercoaster and if it weren't for the incredibly hot as Hades sex scenes I wouldn't have made it through. If you like the kind of book that breaks your heart and makes you cry, while at the same time leaving an angry homicidal maniac in your place then this one's for you.


Thanks RTM for the gif tutorial! My laptop was minutes away from meeting my driveway in a not so pleasant manner ;)